7. BLANK Token

Blank is a project that was born by and for the community of right-minded individuals. With Blank, we drive forward values that are shared by both our team and users: we all seek to regain the rights to privacy and anonymity that were unfortunately lost over the years. We thus envision Blank as a primarily community-driven venture, the success of which significantly depends on more and more users joining the platform.

The strength of our community will be physically immortalised with the use of BLANK utility token. The holders of our token will become a crucial pillar of Blank’s growth - it will enable liquidity provision for the platform, serve as a marketing mechanism, and strongly engrain our name into the DeFi space.

Beyond that, we have built BLANK token so that it is deeply rooted within the product’s ecosystem. We will now discuss five major ways in which BLANK token becomes an integral part of our wallet.

7.1. Fee Reduction for Token Holders

As previously discussed, wallet users will be subject to a service fee when using certain privacy features. However, BLANK token holders will benefit from notable fee reductions. Such a fee reduction will be tier-based and will depend on the amount of tokens held: 1,000 tokens will equate to a 10% fee reduction; 5,000 tokens - 15% fee reduction; 10,000 - 25% fee reduction.

7.2. Token Burn from 50% of the Fees

Half of the fees collected from Blank wallet's smart contracts will be used on buying back the BLANK tokens from the market and burning it. As a result, the overall circulating token supply will be reduced. We believe that such a strategy will best position us for success long-term - as proved by similar buyback-and-burn programs from the likes of Binance or Bitfinex.

7.3. Liquidity Providers earn 50% of the Fees

Contributing your tokens to a DEX liquidity pool ensures that BLANK tokens are available to trade when needed. Thus, we want to reward users helping to address liquidity concerns on decentralised liquidity provision platforms. We will send half of our fees to those staking the ETH/BLANK pair on Uniswap - this will be distributed proportionately to the amount pooled by the user.

7.4. Referral and Reward Systems use only BLANK Tokens

Emphasized as an important feature of our growth strategy, referrals will become another important use case of BLANK tokens. Wallet users, influencers, social media accounts, blogs or news outlets will all receive their referral rewards in the form of our tokens. In addition, airdrops that provide liquidity to the wallet will be sent only in BLANK tokens.

7.5. Exclusive Features and "access-first" Functionality to Token Holders

Some of Blank’s features will be limited only to those holding BLANK tokens. For example, non-token holders may not have access to as many hosted addresses. Also, if a user passes a specific threshold of held tokens, they may be welcomed to participate in our invite-only initiatives (such as Alpha or Beta testing of the wallet).